My work (and life) centers on democratizing access to tools to help people improve their growth potential. I deeply believe that financial access and literacy is one of the best tools and leverage to improve one's life.

I started my career at Thailand's central bank where I became passionate about financial inclusion. ​​I spent 6 years at a commercial bank working with SMEs & corporates on capital markets and setting up the bank's CVC arm. I now get to help amazing founders use technology to make the world better at Monk's Hill Ventures.

Outside of work, I angel invest in fintech companies in Southeast Asia and build AsianFintechPodcast to serve as a platform for founders to share stories and inspire next-generation founders.

I'm passionate about woman empowerment and always love talking to #womenintech. You can also find me at speakeasy jazz bars, corgi-bum instagrams or doing outdoor activities somewhere.