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Feb 21, 2020

Guest post: We don’t need a unicorn in Thailand. We need a medium-sized IPO.


After education, financial access and financial literacy are the best leverage to improve one's life.

From a humble beginning, I was instantly drawn towards financial inclusion when I first started my career at Thailand's central bank. There, I found that the lack of knowledge on how to manage finance was - and still is - a common problem not only for my family, but also for many people across Southeast Asia. I then moved to a commercial bank where I used my economics training to provide hedging recommendations to SMBs and corporate clients, including SET50 companies. But, I knew there was more I could do and more leverage I could use so I decided to explore the fintech world before finally transitioning into venture investing.

I now get to help amazing founders use technology to make the world better. I'm inspired every day by the impact of their work (code + financial service = inclusion at scale!) I go above and beyond to help founders succeed. Whether it’s an intro or a new hire, I’ll move the world to make it happen. 

Outside of work, I'm passionate about women's empowerment. I was a board member at Pratthanadee Foundation where I worked with volunteers to provide women - who did not graduate high schools - with vocational skills to increase their earning power.

When I need to wind down, you can find me by the self-help books, speakeasy jazz bars, or corgi-bum instagram. 


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